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Fractional Sales Leadership

Structured, results-based Sales Management

A practical solution for Small Business

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For many small businesses, hiring an experienced full-time

Sales Leader is simply out of reach 

Are you?

  • "burdened with trying to manage your sales team while focused on running your business"

  • "at a loss trying to find qualified salespeople"

  • "considering a full-time Sales Leader but cannot justify the cost"


Does this sound familiar?

  • "sales growth is stagnant"

  • "sales staff turnover is too high"

  • "sales process is non-existent or in need of refinement"

Partnering with a Fractional Sales Leader may be the 

right solution for your business

Access to a highly qualified part-time

Sales Leader makes sense

We are dedicated to Sales performance improvement



Offering a structured, results-based Sales Leadership program designed to elevate sales effectiveness,

with a deliberate emphasis on continuous Coaching.


We'll lead your Sales Team, you run your business

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Our objective is to implement a sustainable Sales Leadership program while endorsing the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

How we do it?

Assess & Design

Evaluating your current  environment and formulating a customized program to meet the needs of a diverse Sales team

Train & Implement

Practical sessions in an engaging environment. Applying strategy into action  and execution of the process

Coach & Measure

Systematic coaching to refine and perfect skills while continuously guaging effectiveness and amending as required

Every business is unique, and so are the challenges you face,
Leading your Sales Team shouldn't be one of them

Client Testimonial


Colin Brown
President / CEO

Randy's contribution at eBridge has been exceptional. His ability to develop and implement a structured process is outstanding. He has the skills to bring people together toward common goals. His impact was immediate and consistent throughout our engagement

Lindsay Hampson
VP of Marketing

We have worked with Randy since July 2020. There was an exciting opportunity in our market and our sales target was set to increase 50% YoY. However, we needed to level-up our sales processes and skillsets prior to executing our growth plan. Unlike other coaches I interviewed, Randy was passionate, methodical, and personable. A rare combination, he was the obvious choice to lead our growth initiative. Beyond coaching, Randy took on an active Leadership role, leading our Team on a weekly basis. Empowering the team by providing them with a simple yet structured process, their focus moved from a reactive to proactive approach, exposing new opportunities for pipeline growth. His coaching methods worked. The trend line in bookings grew month over month, and we began not only hitting but surpassing our 50% target immediately. I highly recommend Randy if you are looking for performance Coaching or a Fractional Sales Leader. Randy is honest and reliable. He 'leveled-up' our team. The results will speak for themselves.