Management Training

  • Coaching vs Mentoring

  • Business and financial acumen

  • Internal negotiation and influence

Manager's Training - Leading to Win

Leading a sales team is one of the biggest responsibilities within your organization.


The role of a sales manager is difficult as they typically have a long list of responsibilities in addition to managing their team. Keeping the team focused on selling, keeping them motivated, and consistently holding them accountable are but a few of the core duties of a sales manager. They are ultimately responsible to drive revenue and oversee your company's sales operations. There are many different ways to lead a sales team. A new manager needs to quickly define their unique management style, then perform with consistency. Our program focuses on the core skills required to become a better, more efficient sales manager.

  • Creating a culture of accountability 

  • Exercising managerial courage

  • Conflict resolution

  • Ethics and integrity

2-Days training plus bi-weekly Coaching

New to management or currently in a management role, this program will provide the tools and skills, enabling them to, Lead to Win.


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