Prospecting 2020

The world has changed and so has the way buyers shop. Unfortunately, the sales department missed the memo

With unlimited access to information, buyers are more savvy than they have ever been. As a result, the traditional buyer-seller interaction has changed. Unless you learn new techniques and alter your approach, you may get left behind.

Without question, prospecting is the least enjoyable part of the job for many B2B Sales Reps. Unfortunately, most salespeople are reluctant to prospect and they spend the least amount of time doing the #1 activity that generates revenue and commission.

Statistically, prospecting for NEW customers has the lowest conversion ratio of all the sales activities. With this in mind, we need to continually develop new skills and discover new techniques when hunting for net-new business. Our strategy and methodology will assist your sales team to uncover and compete in more opportunities. We incorporate a mix of traditional methods - no 'Cold Calling' is not dead - and social media outlets.

Workshop objectives:

  1. Learn alternative methods and techniques

  2. Develop repeatable habits

1-Day workshop plus 30-Days Coaching


All we require is desire, innovation, assertiveness, and a whole lot of discipline.


There is no perfect mousetrap, but we will help you catch more mice.

Benefits of PMG's Prospecting workshop

Net New Business

Acquire new techniques

Funnel growth, guaranteed

Cultivate habits

Increase in productivity